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West Grand on Thursday: Broken Glass & Screaming Man Create A Stir & Lead To Arrest

Yesterday, 911 calls coming into the Ponca City Communications Center described a scene from a movie.  The calls began at 1:07pm from citizens in the 300 and 400 blocks of West Grand describing a shirtless Indian male screaming, out of control and breaking windows.  Police arrived to find 21 year old Anson Littlewalker postured in the middle of the street with a posthole digger in his hands.  He surrendered to the orders of Police Officers and was taken into custody without incident.

Displaying behavior indicative of having ingested meth, according to officers on the scene, Littlewalker remains in the Ponca City Jail this morning.  He will be transported to the Kay County Detention center later and is expected to face multiple charges when he appears in District Court.  Charges will include both felony and misdemeanor charges of Destruction of Private property for damages caused by a building in the 400 West Grand and for damages to the Senior Citizen Center located at 319 West Grand.  An additional charge of Larceny was added because Littlewalker had taken the posthole diggers from the bed of a pickup driven by a man that had stopped to assist Littlewalker after hearing him screaming for help.  Video shows the posthole diggers were used to break the windows of the Senior Citizen’s center.  Witnesses told Police he broke the window in the 400 block of West Grand by kicking it.

The patrons at the Senior Citizens Center were line dancing and heard glass breakage.  A lady was injured as she fell scrambling with others away from the front of the center.  She was transported by ambulance with non life threatening injury.  She was treated and released.

Courtesy:  Sherry Bowers, Ponca City Police Department